How to fill the feedback form

Participant commitment:

  • Accept perfecting without argument.

  • Give only positive comments: what you like and what it would take to “give it a 10.”

  • Abstain from mentioning what you don’t like or being negative in other ways.

  • Withhold points only if you can think of improvements.

  • Use ratings that reflect a scale of improvement rather than a scale of how much you liked the object.

  • If you cannot say something you liked about the object or specifically say how to make the object better, you must give it a 10

  • A rating of 10 means you are unable to add value, and a rating of 5 means you will specifically describe how to make the object at least twice as good


  • The important information to transmit in the Perfection Game protocol improves the performance or object. For example, “The ideal sound of a finger snap for me is one that is crisp, has sufficient volume, and startles me somewhat. To get a 10, you would have to increase your crispness.”

Based on the “Perfection Game”