Kaikaku - what's up with the name?

Ever since I wanted to start my own business, I had trouble finding a meaningful and pleasant name. So one day, while I was cycling and listening at the same time to a podcast, I had an epiphany and the name was certain – kai kaku. kai-kaku-logo

The word “kai kaku” comes from the japanese language and means roughly “serious reform”. The Lean folks all know that Kaikaku means bigger improvement change whereas Kaizen means the smaller improvement actions an organization is performing all the time. However, with Kaizen you will sooner or later hit the boundaries of the current system and thus a more fundamental systemic change must occur – Kaikaku. It will bring an organization to the next level and the activity of Kaizen continues. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes


I have seen managers wanting the change, yet unwilling to really change something meaningful. Wash me, but don’t make me wet (translated from German: Wasch mich aber mach mich nicht nass) reflects this behavior.

Now, my personal style is that I prefer to do those major changes if the counterpart is really willing to change. Establishing, or being part in the forming of, a new organization (may it be a program, a department) has always been my most favorite work time.

Looking forward to work with your organization and bring it up to the next level.




kai kaku – what’s up with the name?
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