Deming said that of all the issues in an organization 95% of them are related to the system, and only 5% are people issues. Thus, for a real change, the focus lays on changing the system and yet a change in the system is often a major change – a Kaikaku.

Each system is optimized for something. Hopefully it is already aligned with the purpose (or function) of your organization. If you do systemic changes, the key question is what should you optimize the system for? Thus one of the key questions to address is to answer what is your (system) optimization goal!

We want you to learn to solve your own problems, impediments, issues, hurdles whatever they are called. It has been shown over and over again that externally induced changes will typically not lead to the desired results in the long run and you will not reach your goals. Instead you need to learn the capability together with your colleagues and partners to tackle those issues by yourself and find a solution which fits into your context.

In this journey, we are in together …


Wolfgang is a passionate, energetic, inspiring and authentic coach with a 10+ years experience in large-scale Lean and Agile Product Development. He is a Certified LeSS Trainer, Certified LeSS Coach, Systems Thinker, and experienced in facilitating large workshops. His first encounter with Scrum and Agile was in 2005, and the learning started. He coached in a LeSS adoption in 2007 and in 2010 he coached an organization on their SAFe adoption.

He has 10+ years experience in Program and Project Management, consisting of the successful commercial launch of products and many years developing program management further at the Business Unit and division level within Nokia, as well as at company level at Nokia Siemens Networks.

His 3+ years Round-The-World journey on a motorcycle with his dogs has sharpened his problem solving skills. Besides this, he became a happy person and learned to practice the art of mindfulness.